Qur'an Moon Lamp Speaker


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Product Description
  • 3D Moonlight Design, 7 colors to change, touch sensor, 15cm diameter with bracket. 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection, up to 15 meter bluetooth distance.
  • Playing Quran translation. Select your native language for understanding Quran meaning.
  • Wireless remote control. 
  • For listening Quran audio and any translation together, please press the MODE button, for single mode, press again.

Product Name: 3D Moonlight Quran Speaker Touch Lamp
Model: SQ-510
Size: Dia. 15cm
Color: 7 colors to change
Main Function: Quran reciter ,Bluetooth
Material: PLA
Special feature: Portable, Wireless, Remote, Touch
Battery: Interal Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, 500mAh
Working Time: 3-4 hours
Charging Time: 1-2 Hours
Bluetooth Range: 15 meter
Speaker Output Power: 3.5W
Translation: 15 Languages
Quran Reciters: 18

Famous reciters support:

1)Abdulah Matroud  2)AbdulBasit  3)Abdullaah 3awwaad  4)Abdullah Basfer  5)Abdurrehman Bukhaatir 6)Abu Baker Shatery  7)Ahmad Neana  8)al Tablaway  9)Al-Ajmi  10)Al-Akhdar  11)Al-Fasy  12)Al-Hudaifi 13)Al-Husari  14)Al-Mishawi  15)Al-Sudais  16)Hani Rifai  17)Khalefa al tunaij  18)Mahir Mouiqlee 19)Mahmoud ali al banna  20)Mohammad Siddique Mishawi with children  21)Muhammad Jibreel  22)Qari Barkatullah Saleem  23)Saad Alghamdi  24)Salah Al-Budair  25)Saood ash Shuraym  26)others 

Translation languages support:

1)Azerbaijani  2)Bangla  3)Bosnian  4)Dari   5)English  6)Pickthal  7)French  8)German  9)Gujarati  10)Hindi 11)Indonesian  12)Kazakh  13)Kurdish  14)Malayalam  15)Malaysian  16)Pashto  17)Persian(Farsi) 18)Portuguese  19)Russian  20)Somali 21)Swahili  22)Spanish  23)Turkish  24)Urdu  25)Uzbek  26)others

Package Included:
1 x Moonlight Speaker
1 x Remote Controller
1 x USB Cable(No Plug Included)
1 x User Manual


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