Premium Ethiopian Black Seeds (100g)


Highest Quality Nigella Sativa Black Seeds by Natures Blends.

Known to many as Nigella Sativa Seeds, but also known as Black Cumin Seed, Kalonji, Black Seed, The Blessed Seed, and many others - these wonderful seeds are packed full of goodness.

Nigella Sativa is a delicious seed that can be added to almost any dish.

Their aromatic, slightly bitter taste makes them great for flavouring curries, vegetables, naan bread, and various other cuisines-types (particularly Indian and Eastern Mediterranean). With a host of over 100 health-giving properties, our seeds are the perfect accompaniment for any salad. Or why not try adding them to a smoothie for an even healthier kick?

Toasted lightly (on low heat) the seeds begin to release their essential oils; you may then add them to your dish whole, or grind them to achieve a finer texture

  • Come in a handy pouch to help preserve freshness.
  • Dispatched same-day (if ordered before 3pm, Mon-Fri)
  • FAST & FREE SHIPPING via Royal Mail

Unrivalled in quality & taste, and regardless of how you intend to use them our Nigella Sativa seeds are the perfect addition to any kitchen.


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