Couch Coaster


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The Ultimate Drink Holder For Your Sofa

It's the end of the day. You pour yourself a drink, sit back, relax and put your feet up. The only problem is that your drink now seems miles away - on the coffee table, on the floor or maybe it's balancing nervously on the sofa arm?

CouchCoaster is designed to keep your drink safely next to you - just where you always wanted it! It's ideal for the whole family and works with mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans.

CouchCoaster is 'sofa-ready' for a variety of shapes and sizes of sofa arm. Simply place CouchCoaster over your sofa arm, set your drink down and get comfortable!

Product Features


Silicone body wraps

around your sofa arm


Weighted band for optimum balance


One size fits all drinks - hot or cold!


Suitable for children

and adults


Available in a range of colours to suit your sofa

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