Al Faizan Business Standard Sky/White

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Brand new entry to the world of Islamic fashion. The Business Standard sits perfectly in between formalwear and casual wear. Roll up the sleeves, button up the collar and it instantly becomes a casual thobe suitable for every day wear. Button down the sleeves and zip up the placket, pair it with a cardigan, blazer or leave it uncovered and it instantly becomes a formal classic.

This thobe features a classic cut collar and breast pocket with contrast lining on the collar, placket and breast pocket. The thobe is finished with contrasting buttons on the collar and cuff to give you that simple, minimalist, elegant look that AL FAIZAN is renowned for. Understated is definitely the look to go for in the world of Islamic fashion.

Summer colours are a definitive feature in the Ramadan 2017 collection. A clear sky blue complete with white contrast lining ensures formal minimal appeal. Just the simple and sophisticated look AL FAIZAN is renowned for.